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Would you like to reduce the time you take arranging shift work by up to 80%?

Would it help if you had free rota software that would allow you to

big_ben rostering program

RosterNet has been used in a major support role for the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia as ShiftAce.

Download for FREE to Install on your own computer and evaluate with your own data. The only limit of the free software is that you can only add 20 shifts from midnight each morning. Payment removes this restriction.

RosterNet is free rota software (or free rota program) that is applicable to online shift management in areas such as:

Aged Persons Hostels
Call Centres
Retail stores
Home care (eg, attendant caring, home nursing)
Social Clubs

Buy once and own. No monthly costs. Just use a browser like Internet Explorer.

RosterNet may be installed on a single computer, an office LAN, a VPN or an Internet hosting service.

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